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Delivery and shipping costs


Shipping costs when ordering from Playin by Magic Bazar

Order value Colissimo 48H parcel La Poste
Pickup point
Chronopost 13h express delivery
Under 50€ 4,50€ 3,5€ 9,50€
50€ to 150€ FREE FREE 6,00€
150€ to 1000€ FREE FREE 2,00€
Over 1 000€ FREE FREE FREE


Order value Colissimo parcel Chronopost
express delivery
Under 50€ 7,50€ 15,00€
50€ to 150€ 4,50€ 15,00€
150€ to 1 000€ FREE 18,00€
Over 1 000€ FREE 18,00€


Order value Colissimo parcel Chronopost
express delivery
Under 50€ 9,50€ 18,00€
50€ to 150€ 9,50€ 18,00€
150€ to 1 000€ 9,50€ 25,00€
Over 1 000€ 9,50€ 25,00€


Rest of the world (including TOM)*
Order value Colissimo parcel Chronopost
express delivery
Under 50€ 35€ 100,00€
50€ to 150€ 40€ 150,00€
150€ to 1 000€ 50€ 200,00€
Over 1 000€ 70€ 300,00€


Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy.
Nouvelle Calédonie, Polynésie Française, Wallis et Futuna, Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (T.A.A.F.).
Europe 1 Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland
Europe 2 European Union (not in Europe 1)



 Warning : if your order contains more than 120 OR is worth more than 500€, it will be shipped as a package according to the above shipping costs.

Order value Letter La Poste
Pickup point
Registered Letter Chronopost
express delivery
Under 20€ 2,50€ 4,00€ 7€ 12,00€
20€ to 50€ FREE 2,50€ 4,50€ 9,50€
50€ to 150€ FREE FREE 2,50€ 7,00€
150€ to 500€ UNAVAILABLE FREE FREE 4,50€


Order value Registered Letter Chronopost
express delivery
Under 20€ 7,50€ 15,00€ 
20€ to 150€ 5€ 12,00€ 
150€ to 500€ FREE 9,50€ 


Order value Registered Letter Chronopost
express delivery
Under 20€ 7,50€ 18,00€
20€ to 150€ 5€ 16,00€
150€ to 500€ 2,5€ 12,00€


DOM TOM and Rest of the world
Order vale=ue Letter Registered Letter Chronopost
express delivery
Under 20€ 2,50€ 7,50€ 45,00€
20€ to 150€ OFFERT 5,00€  40,00€
150€ to 500€ UNAVAILABLE 2,50€  35,00€



  • Pre-orders

The delivery system being quite different for orders containing pre-order items, we have a separate article dedicated to this matter. Find here every information on the shipment of pre-order items.

  • Standard orders

We call "Standard order" any order which doesn't contain pre-order items. For standard orders, the maximum delivery time to receive your order is 10 days in metropolitan France, 14 days in Europe and 21 days for the french overseas departments and territories and for the rest of the world. This maximum delivery time takes into account any problem that could occur during the preparation, the packaging and the delivery of your order.

However, 90% of the orders are sent in the 24h following the payment of your order. In 2017, our average delivery time was 4 working days.

If you have any problem with the shipment of one of your orders, you can contact us by email: [email protected]

These delivery times are subject to change during the release of new Magic: the Gathering expansions because there is an increase in the number of orders and the pre-orders can't be sent before the official release date.


stock errors and substitutions

Selling single cards implies having a huge number of different products. In 2018, we ship about 2.500 cards each day and we have a stock of several million cards.

The huge number of cards we buy, process and send undeniably creates some stock errors. As soon as we witness such an error, we contact you by email to offer you similar cards as subsitutions for the cards you ordered.


We currently use the french post as only delivery partner. Our letters and parcels are always sent tracked. If you are interested by a delivery using Chronopost and if you are willing to pay the extra costs, we can use this shipment method. In that case, please contact us by email: [email protected]