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Dragon Ball Super TCG Series

All series
Série 11 Vermilion Bloodline
Série 10 Rise of the Unison Warrior
Starter Deck: Spirit of Potara
Starter Deck: Clan Collusion
Starter Deck: Saiyan Wonder
Expansion Booster 02
Série 9 Universal Onslaught
Expansion Booster 01
Série 8 Malicious Machinations
Série 7 Assault of the Saiyans
Série 6 Destroyer Kings
Clash of Fates
Série 5 Miraculous Revival
Starter Deck 7 Shenron's Advent
Starter Deck 6 Resurrected Fusion
World Martial Arts Tournament
Série 4 Colossal Warfare
Starter Deck 4 The Guardian of Namekians
Starter Deck 5 The Crimson Saiyan
Gift Box 2018
The Tournament of Power
Série 3 Cross Worlds
Starter Deck 3 The Dark Invasion
Starter Deck 2 Extreme Evolution
Expansion Set 1 Mighty Heroes
Expansion Set 2 Dark Demon's Villains
Série 2 Union Force
Série 1 Galactic Battle
Starter Deck 1 The Awakening
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